Norfork Wall Art

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Black, non-marking finish.
Using upcycled timber from old Javanese structures, this distinctive piece will look fabulous on any wall as an art display using a grid design to showcase the timbers. Images are for illustration purposes only, as the nature of the reclaimed materials used ensure that no two pieces are exactly alike.
A burnt charcoal finish showcases the natural textures. This finish is not achieved by using a coloring agent such as a paint or a stain. It is actually a very old Japanese technique called “Shou Sugi Ban” which roughly translates as “Burn The Cedar.”
These reclaimed timbers are specially treated, kiln dried, and then sanded before the initial charring process. Once charred, it is then re-sanded before charring the surface once more. This process is repeated until the furniture maker is satisfied that the piece is sufficiently rich in texture, tone and pattern. It is then protected with a natural oil before adding a clear top coat to further protect the finish, and to minimise the possibility of stains.
Depending on the dimensions of the furniture piece, a skilled carpenter may only be able to produce one to three pieces each day. 


  • Colour:
    Black, non-marking finish.

  • Material: Mix hardwood
  • Dimensions (WDH): 80x80, 7cm deep
  • Fabric: N/A
  • Use: Suggested as a wall display

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