Colour and style

Elevate your furniture's style by upgrading from the stock white fabric to intricate alternatives. Transitioning from the casual Hamptons aesthetic to the refined French Provincial look becomes effortless. Replace the original fabric with rich floral patterns or delicate toile for a vibrant contrast that beautifully bridges the styles. The tactile experience transforms too, as plush materials enhance comfort, creating a fusion that captures the essence of both aesthetics. This simple switch showcases the versatile adaptability of furniture, allowing you to curate the desired style, whether it's the breezy Hamptons vibe or the romantic French Provincial charm, all through the transformative power of fabric.

Bridge design styles

Coastal Hamptons' breezy elegance meets French Provincial's romantic allure, all through the transformative power of fabric. Swapping light, neutral textiles for rich floral patterns or delicate toile infuses vibrant colors, bridging the aesthetics beautifully. Create a refined fusion that captures the essence of both styles. Whether it's a rattan chair adorned in soft pastels or a sofa draped in intricate patterns, this simple adjustment harmonizes two distinct styles, showcasing the versatile adaptability of furniture to suit evolving design preferences.

Make it your own

Our rattan daybed takes on versatile personas with fabric upgrades. Adorned in striking pineapple-patterned back cushions and teal green seat cushions, it effortlessly evokes distinct aesthetics. The pineapple fabric conjures the charm of the Australian hinterland, reminiscent of tropical vibes. Meanwhile, the teal green seat cushions transport you to a serene farmhouse ambience, embracing rustic comfort. Additionally, the fusion of these fabrics summons the romantic allure of French Provincial style. This interplay of fabrics demonstrates the transformative potential, allowing the daybed to seamlessly adapt to different themes while becoming a centerpiece that captures the essence of Australian hinterland, farmhouse coziness, and French provincial elegance.

Emphasise texture and tone

Elevating a British Colonial rattan wing chair becomes an artful endeavor. By incorporating fine linen with a complementary flower pattern, vintage charm is effortlessly achieved. The tight basket weave sides and back of the chair harmonize with the delicate florals, invoking the colonial grandeur. The grey linen seat infuses understated elegance, creating a canvas for the floral pattern to shine. This transformation captures the essence of British Colonial style, with its blend of refinement and natural beauty, while adding a touch of vintage nostalgia. The chair, resplendent in its interplay of textures and patterns, becomes a testament to the timeless allure of design fusion, harmonizing eras and styles in a single masterpiece.