The endless summer beckoned.

The journey for each piece of furniture, from inception to your home, starts well before the first vine was harvested, deep in the jungle island of The Republic of Rattan.

Our designers dreamt of exploration in form and function, of sustainable furniture manufacture, and of the instinctive connection that we have with natural materials, and the warmth, calm, and balance they bring to our built environment.

Months of research of manufacturing centres, production methods, and styles always returned the same conclusion: we loved natural, handmade, and sustainable rattan, wicker, and timber furniture.

We strive to continue the legacy of past designers and manufacturers by offering furniture and decor that at once pays homage to generations past and embraces a future in balance with nature.

Our furniture range showcases different styles, forms, and functions using materials that nature provides and craftsmanship that only generational experience enables.

One thing is certain: each was made for you. Enjoy.