Why We Love The Palms Armchair with Ottoman

Using an intricate and time honoured weaving technique, the Palms Armchair embodies the traditions of hand-crafted natural furniture manufacture. 

The main frame of the armchair uses large diameter rattan poles and the main wicker weave is with a material called pitrit, a natural and sturdy vine related to other rattan vines, which is commonly used due to its flexibility and strength. 

We love the way the chair sits - not an over sized armchair, but certainly not small either - with a broad stance, intricate weave, and open structure below. The back rest falls perfectly mid-back, arching gracefully towards the armrests, offering a pleasurable tactile experience when your hands rest on the meandering twists of the wicker weave. It's easy to get lost in moments of thought on this wonderful armchair. 

The Palms armchair is complimeted wonderfully by an ottoman that will serve well as a place to rest weary feet, but also as a side table, eager to hold the page of the book you're enjoying. 

Along with the natural materials, the armchair includes a comfortable seat cushion and a throw cushion that perfectly supports the lumbar area of the back.